Best known for his role as collaborator and co-writer with horror auteur John Carpenter on the most recent “Halloween” movie score, as well as his albums “Lost Themes”, “Lost Themes 2” and “Anthology”, Daniel Davies is currently working on the finishing touches to his new solo album “Guitar Variations” due out in early 2020 on the Sacred Bones label. This follows the success of his 2018 album, “Events Score”, released on Lakeshore and Burning Witches Records. British born, but raised largely in Los Angeles, where he now resides, Davies is the son of the legendary Brit pop icon, David Davies from The Kinks.

One of the most unique, ‘sonic explorers’ on the current scene, Daniel Davies’ work encompasses innovative textures and soundscapes utilizing the most extraordinary boutique and vintage synths, alongside his extensive collection of guitars, effect units and pedals. His music is largely dark and introspective, haunting, but uplifting, and his passion for creating new approaches to the production of sound is ever present in his work. He’s inspired by visual images and simply but effectively embodies those in sound. Davies’ “Events Score” album was, essentially, a score to a Science Fiction movie that ‘remained inside his head ‘, where spaceships cracked in the sky, giant sand snakes were barreling through the desert, amid scenes of underwater mystery. He also gained significant experience in his approach to production through his previous work rock bands Year Long Disaster and Karma to Burn. A truly gifted vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, Daniel Davies is an extraordinarily versatile creative chameleon.

Alongside his solo work and ongoing collaborations with his Godfather, John Carpenter, Daniel is continuing his collaborations with Sebastian Robertson, but also opening up into a new world of sound with eminent producer Chris Craker (Hans Zimmer, James Horner), at Karma Studios in Thailand, on a brand new project where the works of five aligned soundtrack composers will melt into one oeuvre of work destined for Spotify release in 2020 and to be used within a brand new series of VR experiences.

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April 2019